Public Means To Resume Operations From 6 a.m - 2 p.m To Beat Curfew Hours

Posted on Jun 01, 2020
By LTAuthor


As Ugandans have been crying for public means of transportation to go visit their family members who were locked up in their villages since the outbreak of coronavirus now the smile is yet to be put back on their faces.

It should be noted public means of transport was the biggest challenge for most people who were locked up in their villages and yet they needed to return to travel.

Public Means will resume for operations on 4th June 2020 this week as the President will be addressing the nation today on how to ease the lockdown and implement a few changes.

Meanwhile, during the buses operators meeting on Friday, 30th May, the bus operators stressed that operations will start at 6 a.m. to 2 p.m in order to beat curfew hours.

There is going to be no night travels and all buses allowed shall terminate their travel.

According to bus operators, each bus company will only send one bus per day at a given time and each bus to carry only 39 passengers. Bus fare will be increased.

However, bus brokers have been stopped from any bus activities within the bus terminal.


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