Singer Lady Zulu Bursts Jenneth Prischa Over Artists Food Saga, Tells Her To Shut Up Watch Video Here

Posted on May 20, 2020
By LTAuthorxxxx


Singer Lady Zulu has burst fellow comrade Jenneth Prischa after she pened down a message to Gulu Covid-19 Task Force to clear off her names from the list of musicians who are going to receive the support of food items at this trying times of coronavirus from Task Force.

Lady Zulu claimed that it is a bad idea to undermine support from well wishers who comes in response to support musicians at the tough period of time and other artists who are supposed to act like leaders are the one who are obstructing the ways of the young ones of which is totally bad.

According to lady Zulu, there are numerous artists who are not doing very well at all of which is true and why don't they give them the items and some of the few artists are coming to Facebook bragging that they don't need food items. how do they think well-wishers will feel or go with if learnt on their messages.

However, Jenneth Prischa after getting information that Task Force is going to help who are yearning for support, she rushed and post to her Facebook "I have heard that some artist/ musicians are demanding the task force team in Gulu for posho and beans. Please! Count me out of that because am not interested in it. And my name should not appear there. Please # GULU TASK FORCE TEAM! Check the name well before giving out the food because we have numbers of people out there who need help than we musicians," Jeanneth Prischa took to Facebook.

Lady Zulu insisted that she is not happy with a few artists who are claiming to be much better and well off than others at this period. Follow this link to watch the video

She questioned them that if they think they have enough, why don't they go and donate to Gulu COVID -19 Task Force like singer Pretty B who came out of nowhere and donated her food items as a good leader.

In the video taken to Facebook by Lady Zulu, she was heard saying '' I Am not happy with a few artists who are coming out that remove my name, I don't want those items, there are other people who are starving and yearning for those items more than me. Thanks and we have heard, let me tell you, you are like teachers which you should know,  you are like teachers who teach people and you give good examples to others to follow and they see it from you, how you talk, behave and that's what makes them follow you and this is why they say artists don't cooperate is because of you the very artists who tarnish our names.'' She said.

"I am not even mad at you because of refusing the food items, I worry less if you have refused but what am thinking is that you are eating and drinking alcohol well in this lockdown, do you think that someone out there is eating and drinking alcohol like you are right now. You are in a group of artists that's why your name appeared in the list if you don't want, why don't you shut up and leave it to others to get. If you are well okay why don't you donate to task force like my sister Pretty B did to support mothers whose children are admitted in the hospital and they can't afford at this trying times and what do you think these leaders who are trying to support us musicians feel if they get to know this, they will automatically believe that artists are doing very well,'' Lady Zulu to Jenneth Prischa.

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