Bosmic Otim Promises To Expose All Acholi Leaders Who Have Been Enjoying Sex Workers 'Sumbiez, Watch Video Here

Posted on May 19, 2020
By LTAuthor


Legendary singer and NRM North Wings Youth Mobilizer Bosmic Otim has promised never to bow down to exposing Acholi leaders who have been going around munching sex workers' sumbies before coronavirus outbreaks.

This comes after sex workers came to spotlight that they are going reveal and published all the list of acholi leaders eating their beans if they refuse to support them with prelief food in this trying times of coronavirus and this gave panic to these leaders till these sex workers were provided with relief food so that their names are not tarnished to the public.

Click here to watch the video>>>

In the video released, Bosmic Otim was heard saying those days leaders were being put under gun point or arrow point nowadays leaders are being put under pus*y point.

"Prostitutes in Gulu have ordered to expose Gulu District leaders nudes, listen very well, Otim is an Acholi, clan is bigger than parties or you are in which party is not very important, what is very important is the problem at home, come and solves it as a leader at the home. Sex workers in the district have ordered to expose those leaders if they don't support them with food emergency because they are very important than those leaders mothers and if they refuse to reach their point with food items, they are going to leak out their nudes, I always here that someone was arrested under gun point or arrow point but now i heard that Gulu District leaders were arrested under pus*y point,''. Bosmic stated while mocking the leaders.

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