Bad Mind People Are Fighting Me - Great Stevens

Posted on Jan 06, 2020
By LTAdmin


Gulu based businessman, events organizers, and artists manager, Okello Ambrosteve's alias Great Stevens claims that bad mind people are fighting his family and bringing confusion in his home.

In an interview, Great Stevens up how his enemies are fighting to turn his business and family down whenever they see any prosperity in his life.

According to Great Stevens, these haters have resorted even into pumping poison in his baby mama whom he has built musically, Destiny, to dump him.

"I don't eat or drink water from any of these haters home or plate but you still find them fighting me a lot day and night whenever there is happiness in my home and I will not sit and watch the haters from destroying my family'' he said.

However, he said these people whenever they see that he is developing financially, they make sure his life is turned into a miserable life but he is not going to sit and watch them tarnish his life.

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