Pine Avenue 5 Songbird Quincy Set To Release New Single

Posted on Apr 08, 2020
By LTAuthor


Pine Avenue 5 songbird Quincy is set to release a brand new project dubbed Itime.

Pine Avenue 5 Urban Savage must be on a mission of ripping the music industry apart after winning best female accolade last year at NUMA2019 or she must be on the mission of claiming for the top place since she has broken the record last year of being the first fast raising female songbird to beat the legends.

It should be noted that Quincy since she won the best female artist of the year accolade, she is having sleepless nights thinking of how to remain on the top of the charts again this year.

A close source has it that the Pine Avenue 5 Queen has got a lot of music projects stored in the studio just set for their release.

It should be remembered that where Quincy is standing now, there is no game of jokes anymore, there are so many female artists who are aiming at being in the same top position.

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