A Teacher Who Proudly Scored 00 In Exams Not Only Once But Twice - Mr Twaa Replies Bosmic Otim

Posted on Sep 02, 2023
By LTAuthor


In Too Deep Promotion boss Mr Twaa has replied Bosmic Otim on social media, who termed him a man with nothing but surviving under a woman's hands.

Listening to Bosmic recording, Mr Twaa couldn't hold back from responding to his comrade now turned his nemesis 

Reacting to the attack, Tony Aero who is popularly known as Mr Twaa to Facebook long post ''It's funny how some Acholi people are taking teaching from a person who failed not only once but twice. A teacher who proudly scored 00 in exams and  knows everything about land, law, governance, politics, religion and many more things."

"All he talks about is man, olang, ngwincet, ot bel, and that's what they want. Am not gonna improve myself to anyone over what is running on media but I just feel sorry my my tribe with all the intelligent, educated and productive people we proudly choose to follow and pay attention to a dense person."

"That gas (tek wic) that you like from this guy will waste your time and by the way you will realize it will be too late. Imagine all the resources we have here in Acholi land and the right intelligent use to protect them. How can someone who scored 00 represent you in a discussion of oil and gas for example. With just 300 million plus a car he felt like he owns the world the same people who said he sold them are the same people supporting him wait when he is given 5 billion and you will see how your messiah will abandon you. Everyone has a price. May that you have trusted to have abandoned you for money." 

This comes after lawi awobe revealing some of the shocking hidden secrets about the content creator and influencer.

Bosmic accused Mr Twaa for being behind all Ozele's videos which are uploaded on YouTube attacking him.


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