Legendary Singer OCMJ Ug Stuck In Gulu, Things Are Worsening For Him

Posted on Apr 01, 2020
By LTAuthor


Legendary musician OCMJ Ug is currently stuck in Gulu town after H.E President Museveni banning all private means on Monday evening.

OCMJ Ug had travelled by his own private car to Kitgum District on Sunday and on his return to Kampala late in the evening the President announced that all private means in the country has been banned when he was still in Gulu town where he got locked up, up to now.

Speaking to the singer through a phone call, he said life is getting paralysed and worse for him in Gulu, there is no food and is in quarantine according to President measures for 14 days on prevention of coronavirus.

"I have not carried any extra clothes with me and as I talk, the issue of foodstuff is becoming hard because am used to my home in Kampala. Last night I thought the President was going to set private means free but he continued to tighten the screws which I don't know for how long I will live in such a miserable life,'' He said.

However, he also said that his car got mechanical problems on his way back to Kampala which took him the whole day repairing and looking for spare parts in order to fix back his car and that is what affected him so much otherwise he would be in Kampala by now but things have happened.

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