Pro Klint Ug Thinks He Can Bewich Me, But Don't Try Sir - Giddy Beatz Warns Pro Klint Ug

Posted on May 15, 2023
By LTAuthor

Having won the best producer of the 2022 accolade, Giddy Beatz has sent a stern warning to fellow producer, Pro Klint Ug accusing him of bewiching him. 

In a Facebook post, Producer Giddy posted saying that Producer Klint thinks he can bewich him.

"Producer Klint thinks he can bewich me but don't try sir."

He however cautioned Klint that he show look for fame in a good way because he is tired of his nonsense and why doesn't he leaves him in peace.

"Look for fame in a good way, I'm tired of your nonsense why don't you leave me peace. What have I done wrong to you fool. If anything happen wrong to me then you'll answer very serious questions. You have failed Gulu and what do you want from me." 

Meanwhile, Producer Klint hasn't said anything about this accusations being filled by his comrade turned his enemy.


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