Singer Trilla Bank Tested Negative COVID-19 After Allegedly Spreading Coronavirus

Posted on Mar 27, 2020
By LTAuthor


Singer Trilla Bank has tested COVID-19 negative after he was accused of spreading coronavirus on his return to Uganda on 15th March. Trilla Bank is a Gulu based Northern Uganda songwriter, singer, businessman and also a founder of Gold Dreams Empire who was in Dubai on business and music class for 3 months.

He revealed that he returned from Dubai on March 15th and travelled via Ethiopia to Uganda where he had his first test and found negative but his fellow friends whom he identified one as Eddie Power and team framed fake news about that he has returned from Dubai with Coronavirus and hiding inside his house which it wasn't easy for him because mobs went to his mother's house and wanted to burn down her house claiming she's hiding him inside the house.

'These guys framed me of spreading coronavirus and almost had mobs burn down my mum house claiming she's hiding me, Eddie guy faked me on a phone call thinking he was playing me and sent a video of mine to Mapenduzi, that is why all along with things not been easy but initially, I have tested negative from Ethiopia," he said.

He said RDC and LCV picked him up with cops and put his mum on arrest warrant while he was taken to Pearl Afrique hotel where he was put in isolation for 3 days and later he was tested negative.

According to Trilla Bank, he was already planning to go back to Entebbe as ministry stated and Eddie Power with team used him as a point to get their media game and acknowledgement but that's not the way people should do things and his results came out and Ojara Martin Mapenduzi notified him negative.

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