Amelia Kyambadde Warns Security Agencies Against Beating Ugandans

Posted on Mar 26, 2020
By LTAuthor


Trade Minister Ms Amelia Kyambadde has on Thursday warned security personnel against torturing Ugandans in the country.

Amelia stressed that government was concerned about the way police and other sister agencies had started mistreating Ugandans following the President Museveni suspension of public means of transport and non-food markets in a bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

She, however, pointed out that security agencies had misinterpreted the presidential directive.

Meanwhile, she said, she was only told that restaurants, arcades, salons, shops and supermarket should be closed which is wrong, they are should continue to operate as long as they are following guidelines and not congested.

"Bars and depots are the ones that should close because those are where people converge. We have no problem with people buying alcohol and taking it with them to their homes,” she said.

“Government is concerned about the cost of utilities, especially water and is considering reviewing the rates and also look at the supply system so that we are able to afford it,” the minister added.

She also advised Ugandans to maintain hygiene by washing hands frequently, keep a social distance and sanitising to help prevent the spread of coronavirus which has already infected 14 people in Uganda.

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