I Am Worried About My Wife And Children In Uganda- Odong Romeo Cries Out

Posted on Mar 25, 2020
By LTAuthor


Uganda gospel artist Odong Romeo is worried about his family in Uganda after President Museveni putting the country on lockdown.

Pilili Yoo Leng hitmaker left the country on 3rd March for his performance gig in the UK, he had a performance on the  Women's Day celebration in London and when the coronavirus case broke out, he was still in the United Kingdom waiting for another performance on Easter day in April but with the rapid spread of COVID-19, every show has been postponed until further notice.

During this quarantine period of thirty days after President Museveni halted flights into and out of the country and having banned flights of any passenger planes flying into and those leaving Uganda.

Odong Romeo was shocked after hearing fake news buzzing with his name that he is among Ugandans who returned to Uganda through Dubai and they are not under quarantine.

He took a video to his Facebook page that there is a group of people spreading fake news rounds about him that they are having clear information that indicates that he is not among 8 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the country and he is also not amongst other 24 patients tested positive with COVID-19, but he is among the travellers who returned in the country and are said to be hiding amidst people.

"They are even comparing me with 6 Chinese who were arrested in West Nile and they are saying I have a strong network that has even defeated the police but for them as residents of Gulu, they have seen me hiding inside my house moreover am still in London in coldness instead of being with my wife multiplying with this tough moments," He said.

He, however, urged reporters to stop feeding people with fake news that he is in the country hiding in the house moreover he is still London in touch with the UK government on how to return to back to his family in Uganda.


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