The Omoro and Soroti East By Elections: Putting Uganda Political Future Into Perspective

Posted on Aug 03, 2022
By LTAuthor


In the early years of Acholi existence, inter and intra clan conflicts were not uncommon.  When the Payira clan moved to  attack one of the clans, they were ambushed and immediately retreated to their Reporting Venue (RV). On arrival, they informed the anxiously waiting Chief that the story was difficult to recite, but rather one needed to physically be  present at the battle field to experience it (Acholi adage: "Aboka Lam"). Indeed, to give a comprehensive narrative of  what transpired in Omoro and Soroti East  by-elections, one needed  to physically be  present.  

Infact,  if ever any subsequent election is conducted in a similar  manner, then folks lets be ready for serious political upheavil in this country. The conduct of the two elections clearly demonstrated that Uganda is sitting on an active  political volcano. The two elections were real "Political Thuggery" that justifiably gives us reasons to worry about the political direction and future of the country.  Historians say history repeats itself and if it's true that state conspired political  challenges existed in the historical Uganda then one is poised to correctly conclude that the history of Uganda is repeating itself considering the conduct of the recently concluded by elections. 

The Omoro and Soroti East  by elections literally saw the participation of the now" transitional generation" from Musevenism, termed the " transitional leaders". This is the group now expected  to occupy the transitional political space of Uganda for sometimes. The Omoro and Soroti East by-elections revealed that this group, particularly the one on the side of the ruling government, have very limited appreciation and comprehension  of what democratic governance is all about.

They are characteristically more lethal, militant, malicious, and ignorantly aggressive with very  little idea of what constitute the basic tenet of good governance. In Omoro and Soroti the state unleashed all it's apparatus,  stealing votes, causing mayhem, arresting agents of opponent, stuffing ballots boxes with preticked ballot papers, intimidating and bribing  voters  at the watch of the so called Independent Election Commission. These are the  transitional group who will be in full charge of the country sooner than later. This group are die hard believers of  Machiavellian theory of  the" ends justify the means" hence, a must get or die getting it at all cost.

Infact, the two by elections  exposed  the insignificance and uselessness of IPOD and  the Election Commission.  IPOD, is a forum created for political parties to dialogue on matters of national interest. IPOD is meant to be guided by the principle of democracy which require that the  people be governed according to their free will and choice. It's now  clear that IPOD has outlived it's usefulness and become a club for showbiz other than an entity meant to promote democracy in this Country.  On the other hand, the EC got exposed  as a very incompetent entity to administer a free and fair election. They behaved as if they were a department in the NRM secretariat, powerless and confused. Omoro for example  witnessed the presence of over 100  District Registrars who were brought in to manipulate votes in favour of the NRM candidate.

With the conduct of the two by elections the opposition political players and the citizens are contentiously being pushed to  the level of their inelasticity. 
The voices and the will of the majority is being  suppressed and their will frustrated  and this will one time be expressed in a different form. 
The so called transitional leaders should go back to the drawing board,  and reconsider their modus operandi, create space for the opposing views and allow the voices and the will of the people to be expressed democratically.

For there is nothing new under the sun but rather political logic dictates that the one in charge  should  be courteous to all political players and do onto others what  others would be required  to do onto them. If the people incharge  do not  review the current  political conduct,  mayhem and upheavil awaits the future political Uganda.
Okin PP Ojara, MP.


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