Mussolini Gets Saved, Releases First Gospel Song 'Rwot Olara'.

Posted on Aug 02, 2022
By LTAuthor


The Gospel industry seems to be the only way to go. We have seen several ex-secular artistes like Labert Dickson and Lil Roy join the gospel industry and now renown rapper Mussolini.

Rapper Mussolini seems to have finally seen the light and he has ditched drugs and the secular industry meaning that soon he might be on the pulpit not only praising the Lord but preaching as well.

The multi talented singer whose career was already limping because of too much drugs is known for hits such as Ayaa Ki Den, Mummy Apwoyo, Wang Jii, La Kwat Romi, Neno Makwiri, Iniany Ki Anyim, Who Am I among others.

During an interview with Da Luo Pride, Mussolini said he got surprised that one day God saved him and the desire for the drugs he used to abuse started leaving him.

"Lord has really save me, the truth is that I used to be a serious drugs abuser so Lord perform his miracle upon me cause I used to think abusing drugs was the only way to go." - The singer said.

"My eyes were closed till one day during day time from nowhere I got surprised that Lord has saved me and desire for drugs I used to abused started leaving me so upon realizing, I found out that I have left abusing all drugs.'' - he added.

Meanwhile, the secular singer cum gospel singer has returned with a brand new gospel song 'Rwot Olara' and he has promised release many more gospel song.

Download the song here<>
Watch the interview video<>


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