Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah Receives Long-term Contract Extension

Posted on Aug 01, 2022
By LTAuthor


Gulu University Council has on Friday extended the contract of the institution's Vice Chancellor Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah by another five years in office.

Prof. Openjuru five years contract extension was endorsed during the 53rd meeting of Gulu University Council at Multifunctional Laboratory.

"Congratulation to Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah whose second term of office as the vice Chancellor has been approved by the 53rd meeting of Gulu University Council yesterday from the multifunctional Laboratory."

Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah was appointed by the University Chancellor Frederick Kayanja as the institution Vice Chancellor in 2018.

"Prof. Openjuru who started his tenure officially as the University Vice Chancellor in 2018 would see his first term end in December this year and would begin his second term in January 2023/2028. Gulu University has continued to progress tremendously in all sphere of her operations. Congratulations congratulations is in door." Posted in the institution social media platform.

The new contract takes effects in January 2023 after the expiring of his first term of office.

Prof. Openjuru George Ladaah will continue to serve as Gulu University Vice Chancellor until 2028, according to the news release from the University.


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