Patz Culture Blames Eddy Wizzy, Chameroon For Fighting His Show In Kitgum

Posted on Jul 14, 2022
By LTAuthor

Musician Patz Culture was not pleased with the attitude shown to him by two of his fellow musicians, Eddy Wizzy and Cameroon during his concert dubbed "Mudongi Tye Balance'' over the weekend in Kitgum at Gates Bar.

In a video circulating on social media, Patz says when they were in Kitgum, Eddy Wizzy called one of the promoters named Oboma Prince and told him he's going everything possible to destroy his show of which he just had to ignore his actions because he never wanted anything to interrupt their preparations for the show.

"When we were in Kitgum, Eddy Wizzy himself is calling that man that show I'm going to do everything to destroy it. He called Oboma Prince of Kitgum and I just ignored that negativity because I never wanted anything interrupt our preparation." He said in a video posted on social media.

According to Patz Culture, he is too pissed seeing his fellow musicians fighting his success in the music industry.

"I'm just too pissed, I don't know whether people who are in Kitgum could stand as eyewitnesses of mine and go check my Kitgum posters if Eddy Wizzy picture is on it."

He however said he talked to Eddy Wizzy days before he made the final posters and sent them to Kitgum.

"I talked to Eddy Wizzy days before I made the posters and sent them to Kitgum. Now this is the guy who has taken to social media to speak trash about me and telling people not to come for my show for a brother really. Cameroon, Mr Twaa have said what they had to say and I have accepted. My show went down the drain but at least we managed to fulfill it." Disappointed Culture said.

The 'Balance' hitmaker added that singer Cameroon, Mr Twaa, and Paul Mutanga are other people who also contributed towards the failure of his concert.

"I don't know what I have wronged as Patz Culture to any musician in Northern Uganda which is bad. People like Eddy Wizzy posting things like this to destroy my show. Am just a hustler like you anyone outside.''

Meanwhile it is said that Patz Culture didn't use the right channel to reach these artists management but the management were surprised seeing their artists on the posters without their consent of which it didn't go well with them.

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