Private Security Guard Shoots Himself Dead Over Wife's Infidelity

Posted on Jun 20, 2022
By LTAuthor

Residents of Bardege-Layibi Division have been left in shock on Sunday 19th June 2022 after a private security guard working with Group 4 Security Company (G4S) in Gulu city shot himself dead citing infidelity by his wife.

Pauline Ayota, the chairperson of Kasubi Small Gate cell has identified the deceased as 35 year-old Badru Okot.

According to Ayota, Okot locked himself inside his rental house and turn his gun on his head, his body was found lying in a pool of blood with shattered skull and a short handgun beside it.

Ayota however stated the deceased had a long history of domestic violence with his wife, who was only identified as Akanyo with whom he had three children.  

The deceased's neighbour who spoke on condition of anonymity told journalists that the deceased's wife was involved in a sexual affair with a soldier at the Forth Division army barracks and had planned to join the army early this week

She said that the deceased had separated from his wife for some time but were in the process of reuniting and little did the man realize that the woman was already engaged with another man.


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