"Young Man Is Dating My House Wife, Fighting My Business" - City Boy Opens Up

Posted on Mar 07, 2022
By LTAuthor


Prominent Northern Uganda singer, songwriter, performer and producer City Boy has come out to accuse fellow musician Young Man over dating his wife.

According to City Boy, Young Man whom he has been feeding and looking after him like my own child has turned his back to fight his hustles and relationship.

"I have been standing with your son, brother and my brother or my son for so long but now there is nothing I have gained from supporting him but there is a bigger gain from me standing with him because he has upgraded from where he never expected. He has moved to somewhere where I might work for 10 years to reach. He began late but because of my interest and hardworking it has made where he is. And that person is Young Man. I picked Young Man from zero and placed him somewhere better than where he was before yet this Young Man doesn't even know how to  read, write or speak English. By then when Young Man had just started singing, when he gets any composing order, I pick him and take him to my home in Kitgum by then when my studio was still there and I used to feed him and treat him like my own child. I have come out to clear that am no longer working with Young Man because of so many misunderstanding. The reason why I have said that am no longer working with Young Man is because he is fighting me personally and my business because he has money and you people abroad always send him big amounts of money. He has engaged himself into my love affair, he is dating my wife whom am living with in the same house." - Stated City Boy in an online circulating video.

The fights between two comrade seems not to be ending today or soon because Young Man has also come out accusing City Boy of bewitching him.

Watch video here<>>https://youtu.be/tUMPTEC0pB8


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