Meet Eunice, The First Ever Recipient Of The YouTube Silver Play Button In Northern Uganda.

Posted on Feb 22, 2022
By LTAdmin


Eunice Awaro has become the first ever recipient of the YouTube Silver Play Button Award for her hardwork towards her YouTube milestone.

Awaro, whose chanel goes by the name Acholi Pride became viral on YouTube 10 months ago when she published a video showing a day in an African Village Girls Life. Since then, the video has gained over 6 million views.

At the time of this writing, Acholi Pride had a subscription of 100,000 making it the most subscribed YouTube chanel in Northern Uganda, leaving behind scores of other small channels.

Eunice shoots videos showing a typical life of an African Village girl's life.

The award part of the YouTube Subscribers Award program will now hang high on her wall.

Her next milestone will now be to chase 1,000,000 subscribers and the Gold Play Button.



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