Bosmic Otim Scores Zero (00) Points In His Senior Six Examination Results

Posted on Feb 28, 2020
By LTAuthor

Renowned motormouth singer and aspirant for Kitgum Municipality seat in the upcoming general election 2021 Bosmic Otim has failed his senior six examinations by scoring zero points.

In the recently released 2019 UACE Exams results, Bosmic Otim who did a combination of HDA/ICT from Layibi College got zero (00) points as his senior six results.

Peny Otum singer scored; 9 in General Paper, F in History, F in CRE, F in ART, and X in CST totally to zero (00) points.

Rumours have it that Bosmic Otim just wanted senior six papers to allow him to run in the upcoming general elections as Kitgum Municipality Member of Parliament because Uganda laws stated that for a citizen to run for the presidential seat, Parliamentary seat or any other post in politics, should have a senior six papers whether has failed or past, is allowed to run.

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