Singer Lil Roy To Face Arrest Again For Failing To Clear Compensation Money For Kitgum Show

Posted on Feb 27, 2020
By LTAuthor


Popular Northern Uganda based music legend Pimugu Roy alias Lil Roy who started the year in police custody is yet to be arrested. The reports coming from the former Miss Kitgum Oyella Jackeline who is also an event organizer, it might be possible for Lil Roy to tastee life inside police custody again because he has failed to clear her remaining balance of 700,000 shillings after agreeing to compensate her 1.2 million shillings for the loss she made in Kitgum on the 1st January 2020.

Lil Roy was arrested in January for dodging a show in Kitgum town dubbed Lil Roy 2020 and later charged to pay 1.2 million shillings as a compensation for the loses made by Oyella which he made a payment of 500,000/= left with 700,000 shillings as a balance he was supposed to clear on 24th February which he hasn't made the payment according to Oyella Jackeline.

According to Oyella who hired Lil Roy to perform in a show in Kitgum dubbed 'Lil Roy 2020' at Boma Hotel Kitgum on the 1st of January 2020 and he decided to dodge it and later arrested him for over 3 days at Kitgum Police station in order to account for the lost she made, Lil Roy was supposed to pay the remaining balance of 700,000 on the 14th January but he requested her politely for one week to look for money which she did and promised to pay the money on 24th February but up to date, she hasn't received anything from him of which she is ready to take action against him again.

''Lil Roy failed to clear up the balance of Kitgum Show which was scheduled earlier this year on 1st 2020 concert. He was supposed to pay that balance on 14th Jan but he requested me politely to give him one week to look for money, yes I did. He promised me 24th Feb that he will clear the balance without failure and if he failed, I should take actions against him. So am ready to take actions.'' She said.

Here is the agreement letter between Lil Roy Jackelineline. ''I Lil Roy agree with Jacky to have paid 1.2 million shillings as a compensation of the previous show that was to happen on the 1st January 2020 with this few days, I managed to pay 500,000/= on the 7th January 2020 Bal is 700,000/= which is to be paid in one week time (14th Jan 2020 and the witness were 0piyo Denis and Odong Kelly James'.

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