Woman Rewards Mc Dogo Destiny With A Brand New Pair Of Shoes

Posted on Dec 17, 2021
By LTAuthor


After controversial blogger Onencan Fred aka Doctor Freddie criticizing celebrated mcee, Mc Dogo Destiny over a pair of shoe he wore during NTV Mix Show last weekend, a good samaritan by the name Kiki Akello today blessed him with a brand new pair of shoes.

It should noted that Doctor Freddie after Dogo's show, he immediately rushed to Facebook to criticise a pair of shoe Mc Dogo Destiny wore to appear on the national television that doesn't worth appearing there.

''Everything was well until NTV camera started focusing on Mc Dogo's shoe''. Doctor Freddie posted.

And his post didn't go well with Mc Dogo Destiny who had to come out react over the post ''If my shoe ain't right or nice to you I am sure one day I will own a garage of shoes or even sell them, this i promise.

However, some of Dogo's followers and fans wows to support him in whatever way they can.

As we see, some of the fans who promised to stand with him have started to fulfill their promises.

Lady Kiki Akello took to her Facebook account after awarding the award winning mcee ''Help Plppo to feel their emotions rather than to repress them. One love Mc Dogo Destiny be on the march and continue to break through''.

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