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I Brought Bosmic Otim In Political World, Now Things Fall Apart - Daniel Soca Regrets

Posted on Oct 12, 2021
By LTAuthor


Struggling local musician turned politician Ocan Daniel Soca has revealed that he's the one who brought legendary musician Bosmic Otim in the political world.

Daniel Soca who was Bosmic's tight comrade stressed that politicians have completely divided him and his brother Bosmic Otim.

He, however pointed out that he was Bosmic's personal driver, manager, personal assistant and advisor and also brothers from the same family but politics of Uganda has now torn them apart.

Below are Daniel Soca statements:

Politicians has completely divided me and my brother Bosmic Otim. Do you know that I was the manager, personal assistant, advisor, personal driver of Bosmic Otim? Many people don't know that I am the one who brought Bosmic in political world. I brought Bosmic with me as activist where by we could hold rally every Saturday and Wednesday in the markets eg Gulu Main Market, Cereleno, bus park, Layibi etc etc, we had reached to the extent where by 3000 could come to our rally. Now things fall apart. And by the way the brother of my grandfather was Atukuyuk was buried at the home of John Oringa the grandfather of Bosmic Otim in Barjere in Kitgum district just next to Kitgum High.
Both my grandfather and John Oringa grew up as children in Acut Olyero in Palabek Gem just very near to Achwa river. I and Bosmic are brothers same family I have no reason to hate Bosmic Otim but politics of Uganda is too bad. Here I sign out.

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