We Don't Sell Our Pus*y To Hustle For Music, You Hoe Continue Fu*king Married Men - Avie Ug Stings Bosslady Dee

Posted on Sep 21, 2021
By LTAuthorxxxx


Singer Avie Ug has hit hard at her former manager Bosslady Dee and branded her to be sumbie vender who survives through selling her sumbies.

The fights between singer and manager Bosslady Dee escalated after her manager declining to pump more money on her music career and we believe the fight seems not be ending soon.

The singer said on her Instagram page she doesn't sell her pus*y to make music but they are used of hustling on their own.

"But my money paid for that house which house was yours, you hoe continue fucking married men for us we are used of hustling on our own, we don't sell our pu**y to hustle for music mind your life and it poor ugly families in we are not Acholi is you who was devil and your family bye am happy in my life."

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