Bwoy King HD Has Stolen My Promoter From Me, Am Not Happy About It - King Deno Cries Out

Posted on Feb 12, 2020
By LTAuthor

Singer Nyinga Blamo manager An Aye King Deno Pius in tears after losing his talented online promoter Toni Eazi to signature records label.

Toni Eazi who has been working with the label as one the hard working promoter that the label used to believe in his job for over two years throw towel at the label last week.

However, Toni Eazi is now working under Signature Music Group, Signature Films and Signature Tv as the official online promoter.

According to Blamo's manager, singer Bwoy King has stolen his only online promoter and left him with a big gap to refill in his label.

'My promoter could have left the level because he has fallen in love with singer  Bwoy King latest hit song 'Tam' he said.

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