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Northern Uganda Entertainers Elects Their Own Representative's, See Full List Here

Posted on Jul 26, 2021
By LTAuthor


The first successful Northern Uganda entertainment meeting that saw numerous entertainers uniting and aggreeing to serve under one umbrella has seen entertainers electing their own representative in various fields. 

Northern Uganda entertainers under the umbrella Music and Entertainment Network (Greater North) held a meeting on Saturday concluded with election of representatives in different sections.

The meeting was held at Taks Center, Gulu City where top musicians such as Romeo Odong, Rakas Topa, Docky Sandie, Lil Roy, Patz Culture, Lady Zulu, Sherry Princess, Preacher Man, and Juma Jammie in attendance.

They elected DJ Sam of Buganda Pub as deejays representative, singer Docky Sandie Akello as lakubukubu artists representative, MC Kash as emcees representative, Odong Christopher as Live band representative, Polite Mosko as dancehall artists representative, singer Tom Jeanz as afrobeat representative, Madekke as Events representative, Queen Fireman as women representative, Akena Wod Paibona as comedian representative, singer City Boy as audio producers presentative, DJ Seeker as video producers representative, Blessing Apiyo as Gospel artists representative, and singer Felix Banton as head of security.

Freeman Sande, the Gen Secretary of Music and Entertainment Network says the main purpose they felt there was need to have different representative is because of how wide the entertainment industry is.

'The main purpose why we felt there was need to have different representative is because of how wide the entertainment industry is. The entertainment industry that we are fighting for in Northern Uganda is really really very wide so the category and the gifting that we have is really very wide that we felt we needed the representative, we need voices from different people, we need to know the challenges the producers are going through, we need to know the challenges deejays are passing through so that through their networks they can also mobilise themselves so each time there is an opportunity it is easy to mobilize because they use that channel of different categories we have created.' Freeman said.

"We don't want it to be like a one man show where someone rises up and say I'm the leader but without knowing challenges other people passing through, so this is leadership we are saying this is just not for a few people but we own all this thing that we are doing", He concluded.

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