Promoter Eve Jay Reportedly In Bitter Fights With Trona, Ends Their Relationship

Posted on Jul 19, 2021
By LTAuthorxxxx


The latest info on our news desk indicates that celebrated female promoter and radio presenter Eve Jay and Promoter Trona are not seeing eye to eye after being played by a man.

Rumours have it that the two besties separated a few months ago over a toy excavator.

However, despite the rumours, all parties have not officially come out to clarify on what really happened and how they are going to go past this saga.

Promoters Eve Jay and Trona have been tight friends for over 5 years and no body could believe that they could part ways and as today the news is shocking their followers.

Currently, Trona is seen full time in Gulu City while her friend Eve Jay is still stacked in Lira City but no good means of communication between them.

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