JNC Ent And Roselyn Patia Promotions Eliminates Singer Da JeEp Muziki From The Labels

Posted on Apr 28, 2021
By LTAuthor


JNC Entertainment and Roselyn Patia Promotions have reported that they have terminated Ugandan-South Sudanese musician, Da Jeep Muziki contract with immediate effect after striking at management.

This came after singer Da Jeep Muziki accused and blamed the management for not pumping cash their careers instead they again reaping from their sweats of which didn't go well with the management. 

JNC Entertainment and Roselyn Patia Promotions are one of the International record labels that are in partnership to support young fresh talents back home.

The managements had musicians like De JeEp Muzik, Shan A, Clex B, Styling, Amosity, Bungle Gee, Ronnie King and Sunny Movio. 

However, Da Jeep Muziki has become the first artist to be eliminated from management over his disgusting manners.

According to the management,  they don't want to work with any discipline artist who doesn't appreciate their efforts.

The management terminated the singer's contract after working with him for one and half year.

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