Government Bans New Year Fireworks, Overnight Prayers In Uganda

Posted on Dec 28, 2020
By LTAuthor


The government has announced the ban on all New Year night celebrations, including the display of fireworks, prayers, converging trading centers.

Ms. Judith Nabakoba, the Minister of ICT said police have been directed not to grant any company permission to display fireworks, saying it would lead to the gathering of people and escalate the spread of coronavirus.

“Police will not give any permission for fireworks this time. Fireworks are usually accompanied by people staying up late and gathering around a particular place. This gathering and fanfair increases the risk of spreading Covid-19. All other public end of year festivities such as concerts, overnight prayers, discotheques are not allowed,” Ms Nabakooba said yesterday.

Nabakoba, however, stated that all other public ends of year festivities such as concerts, overnight prayers, fireworks displaying are all not allowed because they will lead to defying other existing Standard Operations Procedures such as curfew among others.

Meanwhile l, Ugandans have been used to welcoming the New Year by gathering in trading centers and lighting fire or displaying fireworks. Some Christians spend the night in prayers.
Since March, the government imposed a 9 pm to 6 am curfew to control the spread of coronavirus. At least 245 people have died from Covid-19  in Uganda.

Ms. Nabakoba urged Ugandans to stay at their homes and welcome the New Year with their family.

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