I Was Taken For Granted & Forgotten. I Need A Handshake Too - Prince Yubu Cries Out To M7

Posted on Jan 16, 2020
By LTAdmin


Singer Prince Yubu has come out and publicly aired his concern about his disappointment with the president. This comes after a picture of the President and singer Bosmic Otim made rounds on social media.

In the message, Prince Yubu airs out how the President promised to build him a recording studio and offer him financial assistance. Part of the message got from Facebook reads as below in its original formats;

Mr.President i am by the stage names of prince yubu please if you rey to this it will be my pleasure or if any one around you can make you read this then kt will also be my pleasure.
Whrn i met with you in early last year 2019 you ask me and promise to bless me with a video and recording studio but all my waiting was in veins.
You took me for granted and forgot about my struggles amd presence as a member of your party.
Your promise to gove me some money too as your apprciation towards my strugle durinh your 2016 election .
When you met with me you seems to be very seriouse but all did i come to know thst it was to cover peoples mind from knowing the truth,
You showed to me that you care about me yet all was to use me as an icon at the moment.
If i remember how i use to travel to primary and seconadry school pumping your nameand your brand in their minds so that they can grow up supporting you all you took it for granted.
My life js at risk just becous of supporting you to the extend that all my friends can not trust me and i dont know where to run to when time comes for you to live uganda independence.
I have started to relise that you are a snake living ina green grass.
Whrn you met with me you directrd me to your closest people like Molly kamukama they got my number and gave me thier number of which jf i call it is never answered and what does this means really to your survants.
What have i not done .
All my friends run away and left me alone in your party and have lost all of them jhst becouse of you when am benefiting nothing from this.
I am like someone who has already join illuminati becouse ever since i was convince go join yout party i have never been happy but cry i do things thst only develop you and the aprty not me.
If you can reach me please your respond is going to br my pleasure .
I dont know what the young people will learn from this.


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